Common Business Website Mistakes

You did everything you were supposed to: You have a business, you have a great product, then you got the coveted website and then you waited for the calls and money to roll in. But, after a few weeks, then months, you wondered why no one was really calling or setting up appointments, etc…

What went wrong? Why is no one staying on the site long enough? How come they are not calling or emailing or even following on social media? What could possibly be wrong, the website looks great! But is it creating conversions, in other words: is it drawing in people, keeping them and making them customers? If you are having trouble getting your site off the ground and making conversions, you may have one these common website mistakes.

1. Too much going on.

When creating a website for your business it can be easy to want to cram everything and anything you can about your business on the page. It’s sort of like those parents who just can’t wait to show you every. Single. Picture of little Tommy as he grows (you know who you are…because sometimes I’m that parent). But the problem with this approach is that your visitors get confused. You may have too many images, or maybe too many ads crammed into a small space and you don’t utilize whitespace. Simple is best.

Put space between your posts, add a picture here or there but don’t go overboard. If there are too many pictures and different things going on in your page your visitors will get confused and won’t know what they are supposed to do with all this info (more on CTA in just a moment). Make sure your site is clean and simple, but not too simple where they have too guess what it is you are selling (also more on that in a moment). So what are some things you can do? You have this landing page, and it’s crammed pack full of goodies just waiting to be discovered but the problem is you visitor doesn’t know what to do with it. Your landing page should answer 3 common questions:

  • Who are you? (not in metaphysical way or anything, just literally what is your business?)
  • What is it that you do? (In other words what sort of services or products do you offer?)
  • Why should the visitor care? (So why is that the visitor should care about what you offer? what is the benefit for them? How do you stand out/are different?)

Making sure your tagline and home page/landing page are clear and simple helps your website better achieve what it sets out to do which is help inform your visitor about why they should come your customer.

Check out Gill Andrews’ great piece on how to best pick a tagline.

2. No CTA (Call To Action)

The next mistake that is easy to make concerning your website is not making it clear what the visitor is supposed to do. In order to get conversions you must make it easy for the visitor to know what they are to do. Is your contact info prominently displayed? Is there a button that tells your client what to do i.e. “Get a Quote”, “Reserve Your Spot”, “Click here for a coupon”? Obviously, you don’t what to bombard your visitor with a ton of annoying pop ups, but you have to help them to know what they are supposed to do in order to turn them from a visitor to a customer.

Your CTA should be a focus of your page, don’t leave forms at bottom of page with no way to get there unless they happen to scroll down by themselves and accidentally see this strange form. Your CTA should be a button or a form with a BIG button. It should very clearly tell your visitor what you want them to like sign up for the email or “Try [insert product] Free”. Improve or add a CTA button to your site and clearly show you contact info and watch your conversions improve!

Check out David Zheng’s great post on CTA buttons.

3. Trying to be Clever

Sometimes it is easy to look at other businesses and think how are they being so successful? It is then even easier to just attempt to copy and paste whatever strategy they are using, even when it’s not something in your field! This one will be brief as it would be ironic if I talked long about this. But here it is: just because ‘Company A’ has a cool minimal website with Parallax scrolling and fancy on-hover buttons as well as insert-latest-website-trend-here doesn’t mean you have to follow along. Especially if it hinders your message.

Now what I’m not saying is that you shouldn’t have say responsive-mobile design site but you don’t need the disappearing pictures, you don’t need the fade in-fade out backgrounds, you don’t need the video background. If those things are a part of your site now that’s fine, but you need to look at whether it is helping your business and even slowing down your site.

So here’s what it comes down to, make it simple, again, don’t be too clever. Make it clean, have a clear message, have a strong CTA, utilize whitespace, don’t make it too busy, but don’t try to be super clever that your visitor has to figure out what in the world you are about. These are only a few but I think the most common mistakes business’ make with their websites.

If you are looking to take your website from good to great, I can help you with that! Click the link below to contact me and we can get started on making your website awesome and better at turning visitors to customers!

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